KMC Wheels for the UTV Market

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KMC Wheels for the UTV Market

KMC Wheels is an off-road performance brand that redefines performance on and off asphalt with innovation and style. Founded in the Baja peninsula and the deserts of the Southwest, KMC has deep roots in off-road performance and is injected into the powersports industry with new styles and colors. You’ll be amazed at how the aggressive and powerful wheels will transform your machine into a weapon you can be proud of.

The company continues to expand its line of KMC Wheels for the UTV market. The company is introducing a new line of beadlock and non-beadlock wheels to the market. These wheels feature a high offset for improved steering and handling. They are also designed to provide smoother, more responsive handling over bumps and rocks. And since they’re so wide, they’ll reduce the risk of debris catching on the wheels.

The KMC XD series is set to debut a new line of custom wheels in late 2017. The company plans to offer unique sizes and designs to fit all vehicles, regardless of the type of off-roading they’re used for. And for the rest of us, we can expect more KMC wheel releases in 2017. So, get ready for a wild ride on the trails! You’ll have the best wheels in the industry on your dirt bike.